With Your Customers

- Invitation - Promo Mailer - Tradeshow Giveaway - Customer Follow-up - Customer Thank you - Grand Opening

Company Internal

- Executive Getaway Invitation - Employee Year End Bonus Distribution - Employee Thank You Notes - Internal Memos To Remember - Sales Incentives


Think out of the envelop! We can help with your direct mail campaigns to go in a bottle. Our studies show over 90% Open Rate that is 20X better than regular mailers.

Our plastic bottles can be sent directly through the mail without an envelope or box. A mailing label and postage is applied to the outside of the bottle, and it is mailed similar to a small mailing tube. Glass bottles are also can be mailed with a box. We have sent literally millions of bottles through the mail.

We have done everything and anything from Customer follow-up, Marketing Seminars to Grand Openings . We have 50+ different themes to impress and get attention.


You canít fit yourself in the mailbox to be delivered to tell people about your party, event or promotion, so Promotions In A Bottle the next-best-way to get your message across.

10-15 Times better ROI, RSVP rate measured compared to traditional mailers. Most amazing invitations for Big Event. High open rate and response rate.


One afternoon, someone peeled a label off a root beer bottle, rolled it up and placed it inside the bottle, and the idea of Promotions In A Bottle was born...

www.PromotionslnABottle.com is a JalTel Company. Our company was founded in 2004 with the original mission of serving clients in their marketing efforts with our unique Message In A Bottle products that could be sent directly through the mail.

We have developed our line of products to include many different themes, do-it-yourself kits and our premiere gift bottle line.